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Sunday, November 20, 2011

20.11.2011 ~ Relieved

20.11.2011 ~ Nice date! Do u think so? Everybody say so right?! So, I need to write something here, at least a couple line maybe (^^,) to save the date.  Whatever it is, I feel so relieved after finished our 4th seminar @ Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam today. From 8.30 am - 6.30 tired and sleepy!

The things is, I guess lucky us, because Ofice Automation's class was cancelled today and it will postpone till Dcember, 3rd (Saturday), that is 2 weeks from now on. But we started and extended with the almost 4 hour lecture from Madam Dilla Syadia (for Human Communication subject). But, so relieved because I succeeded to finished Quiz & Oral Test (for Mandarin subject) and Test & Group Presentation (for TIITAS subject)! OMG...really stressful! I knew that I doesn't given the full effort for the task today because of myself. I can't focus on my study this week..I knew it! But at least, I do something, than do nothing right? And finally I had finished it. I've been trying to survive and try to do the best. Let's have a great rest and tomorrow, I'll wake up again and ready for another 'battle'.

Gudnyte peeps (^^,)

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  1. yeay! at least lega sikit kan, now boleh berhibur dgn My Princess ^_^

  2. @TiTi
    Btol tu kak, ni nak bersenang-lenang la cket minggu ni, bab lagi 2minggu baru ada kelas balik ni...
    Ngah berusaha gigih nak download sume episod ni.. hahahaha~