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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Uses of Internet & Web

Dear all, short entry for tonite!

"Questionnaire" for all my blogger members, but actually I have only one Q! Haha... 
Can you list down what the most uses of internet / web site? Okay, actually there's a lot of uses for internet / web rite? 

Now, let me share my answer :
  • Communication - this is the most popular activity in internet. Such as, FB, Twitter, Blogging, ect.
  • Shopping - today / nowaday, that is one of the fastest growing internet activities. There're a lot of online shop.
  • Searching - searching for information around the world, accessing the libraries and local, national and international news.
  • Education - E-learning / taking online courses. I'd used the I-class to communicate with my lecturer / submit an assignment / taking quizzes.
  • Entertainment  - access music, movies, magazines, computer games, etc.
That was mine..can u accept it, so....what yours? Can you share it? Enjoy the Q, just let our brain to think and gain your knowledge before close your eyes (^^,) Have a great night & sleep tight.

*Moral of the story : Use any existing facilities (internet) with the best and right way. Never and ever use it for the bad things. Appreciate it!

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