Secret Garden [Korean Drama]

Thursday, January 05, 2012


Have u watch this drama?

Not yet? How come... I think u better should consider to watching this drama. The thing is, I really love an actors & actress in this drama. But the most important is, the plot of the's really interesting, funny and romantic.

The main character of this drama is Hyun Bin as Kim Ju Won [Hero] and Ho Ji Won as Gil Ra Im [Heroin]. Kim Ju Won, 34 years old, smart, handsome and rich. He seems to be perfect. He inherits the fortune his family, and runs his family owned business. But he's quite arrogant or cocky. He really proud of his luxurious. He meet Gil Ra Im, who works as stuntwoman, really humble and cool. After met Gil Ra Im, Kim Ju Won getting clueless when Gil Ra Im appears in his thoughts every moments. He slowly fall in love with Gil Ra Im, even though she's not his type.

One day, in Jeju Island..they get lost and they stopped by at mysterious restaurant, named SECRET GARDEN. The owner give them two bottle of wines. That night, Kim Ju Won and Gil Ra Im get drank separately with the wine. And the next morning, they find themselves switched bodies each other. They gonna switched every time it rains.

Next? A lot of romantic scene will showed... Have a nice watching (^^,)

Honestly, I never thought that Hyun Bin could be so adorable, so charming and so loving in Kim Ju Won's character. He has dimple! [Same goes to Mr.P in My Princess]. Seriously, I'll fall in love with his character, in drama and in real life for sure.. Hehehe (^^,) And Hu Ji Won was really cool in Gil Ra Im's character.

Be sure to watch it (^^,)

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