10 Celebrities Who Were Homeless Before Fame

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

10 Celebrities Who Were Homeless Before Fame
( 10 Selebriti Yang Tiada Tempat Tinggal Sebelum Masyhur )
Sharing from Felixia Yap (^^,)

#1 : Daniel Craig Daniel Craig wasn't always the butt-kicking secret agent James Bond. As he pursued his acting dreams, he was forced to sleep on park benches in London.
#2 :  Steve Jobs ~ The late great Steve Jobs was a technological revolutionary. But before he changed the world with his Apple products, Jobs slept on the floor in friends' dorm rooms during college because he didn't have anywhere else to go.
 #3 Jim Carrey ~ Funnyman Jim Carrey grew up with a loving and close family. But when they hit hard times, they were forced to live in a tent and their VW bus.
#4 Halle Berry A-list actress Halle Berry revealed in an interview that she was homeless at the age of 21 after moving to Chicago. "I became a person who knows that I will always make my own way," she said.
#5 Tyler Perry ~ Before he was a successful director and best friends with Oprah, Tyler Perry was in a very dark place in life. He slept in his car for almost 6 years before his career took off.
#6 Dr. Phil Dr.Phil certainly comes from humble beginnings. When he was just a child, he lived in a car with his father while he interned as a psychologist.
 #7 Kelly Clarkson ~ After a tragic fire at her apartment, Kelly Clarkson had to live in a car and shelters before she became a star on "American Idol." 
#8 Steve Harvey ~ Steve Harvey wasn't always a top comedian with a big smile on his face. Steve revealed he was homeless for three years in the late 1980's before he got his big break!
#9 Lil Kim ~ Before hitting it big with P.Diddy and The Notorious B.I.G, Lil Kim was a homeless teen after being kicked out of her home by her father. But everything changed once she met her lover B.I.G.
#10 Jennifer Lopez ~ The glamorous J.Lo wasn't always one of the worlds most influential celebrities. Before her big break as a backup dancer in 1991, Jenny slept on the sofa in the studio of a dance class she attended!

*Nota: Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia tiada siapa yang tahu. Yang penting....sentiasa USAHA, jangan cepat PUTUS ASA. 

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." ~Bill Cosby

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